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  • Monkey Law, has sadly, gone the way of all flesh. Thanks to all who stuck by me for six sketchy, random years, and to all those who came aboard on the way. I will have a new project debuting shortly -- watch this space for details. In the meantime, here's a classic Monkey Law strip, chosen completely at random!
    I was in the house..., pt. 8

    I was in the house…, pt. 8

    I haven’t written any commentary for this strip yet.


    Late strip Wednesday

    Wednesday’s strip will be delayed until Thursday. I got caught up trying to track down what seems like a bug in a user’s installation of stripShow and time got away from me. There will still be a strip on Friday.

    No strip today

    Hey everyone… sorry there’s no Monkey Law today. I’ve been working overtime trying to get the new version of stripShow out the door, and it came to my attention yesterday that it’s not at all compatible with the new version of WordPress. So I’ve put all my attention towards fixing that. There will be a new strip Monday, I promise.

    No Monkey Law Wednesday

    Letting you guys know ahead of time, Wednesday there won’t be a strip — I’m doing training at work, and my schedule has shifted to 8:30AM for the next couple of days. So I don’t have time tonight to write and draw it… Friday, though, there will be a strip.

    The democratization of Monkey Law

    As many of you may have noticed, this strip has been in a bit of a slump lately. While not strictly speaking on hiatus, updates have been sparse to say the least.

    At present, I can’t even decide which characters to feature in the next storyline.

    So that’s where you come in. Over on the Monkey Law forum I’ve put up a poll asking who should star in the next story. I will feature whoever gets the most votes.

    While you’re poking around the forums, check out the other discussions. The SpinZone Forum is a great place to talk politics, or would be, if we had more people talking politics there. Join up and air your views today!

    Lack of updates

    Sorry about not having a strip for the last few days. I’ve been working on fixing some software problems on the SpinZone Comics site, and writing documentation for the final release of stripShow. Also there were a few things that have nothing to do with the internet. I promise to be a better monkey.

    In the meantime, here’s a photo of Sugar Monkey to warm your heart.

    Sugar Monkey says no strip today!

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